Winners - September 2018:

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
A Walk in the Park (Dieter-Michael Grohmann)
Art Of Motivation (John Cuneo)

Platinum Awards:
Veritas (Shannon Lowell Frady)

Gold Awards:
Sugar Land (Lorenzo Lanzillotti)

Silver Awards:
On The Fence (Luciana Caplan)

Bronze Awards:
The Earth's End (Jack Caffrey)

Best Horror:
Like Every Mornings (C├ędric Dupuis)

Best Documentary:
he Sky Is the Limit (Mirka Anderson)

Best Music Video:
Love Ghost - Nowhere (Dan Bell)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Lorenzo Lanzillotti (Sugar Land)
Platinum Award: Luciana Caplan (On The Fence)

Best Actor (Male):
Mark Ryan Anderson (Now, It's Tomorrow)

Best Cinematography:
Veritas (Shannon Lowell Frady)

Best Screenplay:
Diamond Award: On The Fence (Luciana Caplan)
Gold Award: Past The Bar - Pilot Episode "Career Move" Overview (Jim Norman)

Best Editing:
Diamond Award: On The Fence (Luciana Caplan)
Platinum Award: Art Of Motivation (John Cuneo)

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