Winners - Novemmber 2018:

Best Feature Film: The Dental Plan (Wayne Diu)
Diamond Award: Snowflake (Jack Tracy)
Platinum Award: A Chance Of Snow (James Christopher)
Gold Award: Yearning (The Church of Almighty God)
Silver Award: Unexpected Confrontation (Luis Lobato Macedo)
Bronze Award: ultravoKal (Christophe Karabache)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
The Conversion (Katrin Butt)
Brain Engagement (Patrick Neff)
Platinum Awards:
"As the Earth Turns" (Richard H. Lyford)

Gold Awards:
Hustle (Sini Hill)

Silver Awards:
Mr. Kiss (Afonso Henrique)

Bronze Awards:
Lette Of Intent (Sakshi Talwar)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Miss Tara - Speed Kills - (Ft. Jaycob Duque) (Daniel Iezady)
Platinum Award: Wherever You Are (Jack Tracy)
Gold Award: Miko Foy - Wasted Time (Grey Smoley)

Best Documentary:
Diamond Award: Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA War on Musicians and Activists (John L Potash)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Luis Lobato Macedo (Unexpected Confrontation)
Platinum Award: Christophe Karabache (ultravoKal)
Gold Award: B. Luciano Barsuglia (Impact Event)

Best Script:
Diamond Award: Snowflake (jack Tracy)
Platinum Award: Why? (Terrie Anderson)
Gold Award: Unexpected Confrontation (Luis Lobato Macedo)
Silver Award: Executed and Risen (Salvatore A. Bono)
Bronze Award: A Nine-Eleven Carol (Spencer McCall, Eric Cuffney, Colin Hayes & James Bristow)

Best Actor:
Diamond Award: Michael Berryman (Impact Event)
Platinum Award: Angelo Aybar (ultravoKal)

Best Score:
Diamond Award: "As The Earth Turns" (Ed Hartman)
Platinum Award: Construct (Colin Aguiar)

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