Winners - July 2017:

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League (Josh Hale)
Platinum Award: You Have A Nice Flight (Jimmy Dinh)
Gold Award: I Think I can be a Doctor, Rise of the Urbanites (John Bell)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
Fantaisie Impromptu - A Prologue (Duda Gorter)
Driving Ian (Patrick Hodgson)

Platinum Awards:
The Other Place (Stephanie Weppler)
Count It Out (Charles J. Ouda)

Gold Awards:
In My Heart (Marcus Mullen)

Silver Awards:
Arcadia (Jamie Vella)

Bronze Awards:
New York 2150 - TV Pilot (Harry Assouline)

Best Student Film:
Diamond Award: 4242 (Sara Eustaquio)
Platinum Award: Happy Birthday (Rachael Yap Lei Qi)
Gold Award: Time Flies (Daniel Chan)
Silver Award: Asa Nisi Masa (Hanna Xueou Yu)
Bronze Award: Linger (Yunyun Gu)

Best Experimental:
Diamond Award: The Pleasures of the Glove (Duane Michals)
Platinum Award: Swimmingly (Ruby Bowman)
Gold Award: Oceans (Graciela Cassel)

Best Documentary:
Diamond Award: Dancing with Dragons (Mark Romanov & Forrest Galante)
Platinum Award: Omega Dream - The Twin Flame documentary (Harald von Doom)
Gold Award: The Beautification Of Suffering - A Dark Arts Documentary (Alexis Ronis)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Turn the Lights on - Disidente (Cristobal Gonzalez Camarena)
Platinum Award: La China (Jorge G. Camarena)
Gold Award: Baltazar-Lluvia (Jorge G. Camarena)
Silver Award: #Taplife - Eyes (Anthony Lo Cascio)
Bronze Award: Dancing in the Dark (Dave McMahnan)

Honorable Mentions:
Undertheskin - Burn (Rytis Titas)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Duda Gorter (Fantaisie Impromptu - A Prologue)
Platinum Award: Mauro Villani (Giulia's Place)
Gold Award: Yuanyuan Xu (Blind Date)
Silver Award: Harry Assouline (New York 2150)
Bronze Award: Daniel Chan (Time Flies)

Best Student Director:
Sara Eustaquio (4242)

Best Actor:
Diamond Award: Kalen J Hall (New York 2150)
Platinum Award: Leianne Tan Jia Yi (Happy Birthday)
Gold Award: Gisele Fróes (Fantaisie Impromptu - A Prologue)
Silver Award: Alexandra Lipko (The Trap)
Bronze Award: Ita Korenzecher (Count It Out)

Honorable Mention:
Caroline Jaden Stussi (Nameless)
Ricardo Shen (Time Flies)
Kiara Beltran (Together Again)

Best Short Film Script:
Collision Envisage (Sharrie mccain & Patrick Burnett)

Best Feature Script:
Diamond Award: The First Time For Penny (Janice L. Walker)
Platinum Award: United States of China (Nickolas Vassili)
Gold Award: Table For Four (Jim Norman)

Best Cinematography:
Diamond Award: Jacques Cheuiche (Fantaisie Impromptu - A Prologue)
Platinum Award: Yuanyuan Xu (Blind Date)

Best Score:
Her Shoes (Yuanyuan Chen)

Best Editing:
Harry Assouline (New York 2150)

Best Visual FX:
Harry Assouline (New York 2150)

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