Winners - February 2018:

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: Forced Orphans (V N Aditya)
Platinum Award: One, Two, Guess Who's Who (System)
Gold Award: Wished (Dayyan Eng)
Silver Award: Dig That, Zeebo Newton (Muck Sticky)
Bronze Award: Unterwelt - The World Beyond (Ralf Kemper)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
You And Me (Mrigank Dubey)

Platinum Awards:
Unexpected (Jessy Langlois)

Gold Awards:
The Abducted (Larry Rosen)

Silver Awards:
The Same Conversation (Marjorie DeHey)

Bronze Awards:
Nirvana of SodomĀ° (Xie Tian)

Best Music Video:
Diamond Award: Every Nation Worships the Practical God (The Church of Almighty God)
Platinum Award: I Miss You (Ramesh Vijayan)
Gold Award: The Lightest Darkness (Diana Galimzyanova)

Best Director:
Diamond Award: Dayyan Eng (Wished)
Platinum Award: Larry Rosen (The Abducted)
Gold Award: Brett Kodama (Heartseeker)
Silver Award: Sandra Kawar (Yumna)

Best Actor:
Diamond Award: Xia Yu (Wished)
Platinum Award: Larry Rosen (The Abducted)
Gold Award: Grace Yoo (Heartseeker)
Silver Award: Veronica Brucato (The Different Being)
Bronze Award: Jennfer Elle Cannon (The Way The Cookie Crumbles)

Best Cinematography:
Forever & Always (Yitao Yang)

Best Score:
One, Two, Guess Who's Who (System)

Best Editing:
Flea (Alejandro Irias)

Best Screenplay:
One, Two, Guess Who's Who (System)

Best Visual FX:
Wished (Yunfeng Huang, Shiyang Liu, Haidong Sun, Xiaowei Wang & Weiyi Zhou)

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