Winners - February 2019:

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: The Forest (Viktor Gasic)
Platinum Award: The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel (The Church of Almighty God)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
White Guys Solve Sexism (Christopher Guerrero)
Give + Take (Armand Hamouth)

Platinum Awards:
Four Points (R. Cadell Cook, II)

Gold Awards:
7 Minutes (Govind Chandran)

Silver Awards:
Woodland Melody (Christian Jilka)

Bronze Awards:
A Date With Shillelagh (Jeff Stewart & Brian Johnston)

Best Experimental:
Light Matter (Virgil Widrich)

Best Documentary:
Chatter Box- Cornhusker Hero (Donald Dodge)

Best Student Film:
Nightingale (Gowtham Namasivayam)

Best Screenplay
Diamond Award: Equal Retribution (Shawn Davis)
Platinum Award: An Angel Whispers (Jeremy Storey)
Gold Award: Knight Of The Kolossos (Jeremy Storey)
Silver Award: The Yearbook (Jim Norman)

Best Music Video:
Akx - Love, Sex , Death - Dasfurtenfaf Album (Konrad Aksinowicz)

Best Director:
Armand Hamouth (Give + Take)

Best Actor:
Diamond Award: Eleanor Burke (A Date With Shillelagh)
Platinum Award: Luis Lobato Macedo (Unexpected Confrontation)

Best Editing:
Unexpected Confrontation (Luis Lobato Macedo)

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